5 Lipsticks For $20!!


Yes you did read that correctly!

Mix or match any 5 of the gorgeous, 130 colors on pages 2 through 9 of the current brochure (campaign 8) on my store, and they are yours for only $20!

This celebrates the launch of Avon’s newest lip color family, Ultra Color Indulgence Lip Color.  Creamy in texture, free of heavy waxes, addictive hydration, and vibrant in color.

Avon lip colors range in price around $8-$9, so getting any 5 for $20 is a huge savings!

This brochure only, there will be no back ordering permitted so don’t wait, get over to my store and order yours!

Orders of $35 or more ship free so be sure to add some bath and body or jewelry items to your order and really pamper yourself!


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